Top Chef Finale Tonight!

I’m excited. 1), because it means that there will be one less show on our ‘to-watch’ list, and 2) I can’t wait to see who wins.

I’m a little annoyed that crazy flaky Carla is in the finals. We are just shaking our heads and asking, “How did that happen? I think she was close to getting eliminated quite often in the earlier part of the show, and then she squeaked by on a few challenges by baking. It’s really hard to armchair-judge Top Chef, since it’s not like you can taste the food. You have to go by what it looks like and what you’d imagine the flavors would be like, and of course, the judges’ expressions and exclamations. I think she had a little bit of a home field advantage for the first part of the finals. I’m not saying that Fabio shouldn’t have bothered to do a bit more homework on New Orleans/Creole style cooking, but she didn’t have do go out of her way to learn the cuisine like the other three did, although I think the Europeans probably had the least exposure to it.

I just don’t consider Carla to be the same caliber of chef as the other two. J thinks she gets by on simplicity and stunning the judges (a là the peas inEpisode 12, The Last Supper. (What was up w/ the weird glowy camera effect on the diners btw?) with her bravado at serving ‘just peas’, and I definitely think there are some contestants who overthink and put too many ideas to work in the same dish, but I’m not sure that she had anything clever in there to edit out.

So, that covers Carla. More complicated: Hosea and Stefan. I’m rooting for Hosea because frankly, Stefan’s attitude is obnoxious. However, he mostly seems to have the cooking chops to back up his arrogance. I’d like to see him go down for it. In the back of my mind though, I suppose I think Stefan is the better chef because he has produced a lot of top notch meals on the show and he’s fairly consistent. I definitely do think that Hosea belongs in the finale; and I really like his easy-going manner. Plus, I think that he be better at running a restaurant than Stefan would. If I had a choice to go to only one of their restaurants, I’d choose Hosea’s, because I think he’d be more likely to cook the type of food that I’d really like. But Top Chef is judged only on the food that they make the night of the challenge, so that really can’t be taken into account.

I guess I’m torn. I’d like Hosea to win, and I think he can pull it off, but I think Stefan plays the ‘Top Chef’ game better.


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