Pwned! Errr, I mean, weaned! Well, V is officially done breastfeeding. We kind of hung out past a year, and gave up the pre-nap BF/chill out time in favor of driving around the neighborhood for naptime, but kept the pre-bedtime BF session for a while.

We did have a rough few nights where we broke the falling-asleep-while-nursing habit. One night we even ended up bringing her back downstairs for a while, which is generally sort of against the rules here because we don’t want her getting the idea that if she fusses long enough, she’ll get to come back down and play. I was okay with her nursing as long as she wanted, but we really needed to get past her needing to be in the nursing position to fall asleep at bedtime. We ended up transitioning to standing and walking/rocking until she was asleep or nearly asleep. Around then, she started asking to be put in her crib before she fell asleep, which was a development received with great relief by my sciatic nerve.

Officially, the last night of boobie-time was January 23rd, the night before my monthly neighborhood Bunco game. It just worked out that I went to Bunco on Friday night and J put her to bed, then Saturday I was working out while she got tired and J put her to bed again, and then she fell asleep in the car on the way home from Grandy and Pop’s on Sunday. So, that was three nights in a row that V got to sleep without the boob, so we decided to run with it. J was in charge of bedtime for the following two weeks so that she wouldn’t associate me coming in the room with ‘oh, it’s time to nurse’.

Some people have asked me if I was sad to be finished. Mostly, I’m relieved that weaning turned out to be such a non-event. I didn’t get any side effects (clogged ducts or such), and she seems to have forgotten all about it now. I suppose that I miss, a little bit, the snuggly time in the chair, but I’m hopeful that since she’s paying more attention to books instead of racing through them, we’ll have some reading time in our chair instead of nursing.


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