Hooray for Hosea!

I’m so excited! We finally get to celebrate a Top Chef win. Okay, we were happy last season too, when Stephanie won.

I see that I’m in the minority here, but I really think Carla, who seems to have been the fan fav based on the cell phone polls and the internet comments, squeaked by when she really shouldn’t have. I admit that she did turn it on a bit towards the end, but her ‘roast chicken and peas’ at the ‘Last Supper’ episode really depended heavily on the fact that she got lucky and got tasty fresh peas at Whole Foods. It was definitely not innovative or creative. Whether it was audacious of her or just ‘following directions’ is unclear. As far as personality goes, I think Carla’s just weird and annoying with her ‘cooking with love’ attitude and I don’t find it at all charmingly quirky as some seem to.

Stefan, as I said, was pretty good at playing the ‘Top Chef’ game, and my main complaint about him was his arrogance.

But Hosea won by not getting eliminated at any point, regardless of how many challenges he won (didn’t win) before the finale, he made it there, and there’s no way that in the Finale, either Carla or Stefan produced a superior meal.

Hooray for Hosea!



  1. David said

    Opinions are just that, but I don’t understand why you feel the need to tear down Carla to congratulate Hosea. And before you quip that it’s about support for Carla; it’s not. I would have asked the same question if you tore down anyone else. Unfortunately, the same has been done to Hosea to boost others’ favorites.

    • cecilytechuan said

      It wasn’t my intent to tear down Carla to boost up Hosea. I think the Finale would have been more interesting with Jamie or Fabio in it instead of Carla, because for me, their food was more interesting. As for support, it *is* just an opinion that some people find her sweet, and I find her annoying. That’s a personality thing. When it comes down to it, we are all just armchair foodies unless you managed to sneak in and actually taste the food, so we are depending on what the judges say to form opinions. Carla was close to being eliminated several times, and I think she made it through in the middle by baking in a few of the team challenges. I just find it odd that so many people had Carla picked as the frontrunner when I was really surprised that she made it to the Finale at all.

  2. Jeremiah said

    Couldn’t agree with you more about Jaime and Fabio – I was so sorry to see each of them go. It was strange to see Fabio have a few missteps in the final stages of the competition, where he had seemed so strong in the early rounds, and Jaime seemed to really hit her stride, so between the two of them I’d have liked to sub Jaime in… for Carla.

    On a related note, I was watching an Iron Chef America episode (never know if they’re new or reruns) and guess who was one of the visiting chef’s sou chefs? Arienne! I always liked her, but must mention here that she completely screwed up whatever dish she was working on – the details evade me, but she burned the hell out of it and they had to make do.

    • cecilytechuan said

      I’ve tried watching Iron Chef, both versions, and they end up confusing me. I like following the chefs on Top Chef since they stay from week to week. I wonder if Arienne is making the rounds on different shows because she’s trying to get a show of her own. The only cooking show that I watch consistently is America’s Test Kitchen though.

  3. Jeremiah said

    The visiting competitors on Iron Chef bring their own sou chefs from their home restaurant – people they cook with regularly. But now that I think of it, maybe she was working for Bobby Flay…

  4. cecilytechuan said

    When she started on Top Chef I think she had her own restaurant or catering business called “Culin-Arieanne.” Har har. Coincidentally, she’s located pretty near where we used to live in NJ.

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