Exercise Review

So, it’s taken me a long while to get back into the habit of exercising. Not just since V was born, but since high school. Yeah, I sort of worked out, probably more than most people, in college and since then, including a stint at a YMCA when I first started working that was pretty regular. But since high school, it hasn’t really been an ingrained habit like it used to be. I mean it’s a habit like brushing my teeth, or showering, where if I don’t work out, I feel like I missed something essential in my day. When that happens, all the excuses I use fall by the wayside (like, “Oh, it’s too soon after dinner”, or “It’s too late at night”). You don’t excuse yourself from brushing your teeth just because it’s midnight. I’m really happy to say that I’ve gotten back to that point.

I want to start tracking my mileage since I’ve been on the elliptical pretty consistently since January. I think I’ve been upping my mileage and getting a bit faster too. I just cycle through the preset programs on my elliptical at 30 minutes a pop and occasionally do a 45-minute course. I’ve also started using some of FitSugar’s Elliptical Workouts, but I haven’t really acclimated to them yet since it’s a lot of futzing around with the resistance and such.

Here’s the breakdown of my cardio workouts for the last three months. After this, I’ll be doing monthly updates.

1/5/2009 2.09 miles (30 minutes on Manual)
1/8/2009 1.76 (30 minutes on Hill)
1/12/2009 1.70 (30 minutes on Fatburn)
1/14/2009 1.12 (20* minutes on Cardio)
1/19/2009 1.60 (30 minutes on Strength)
1/21/2009 1.75 (30 minutes on Interval)
1/23/2009 2.07 (30 minutes on Manual)
1/26/2009 1.83 (30 minutes on Hill)
1/28/2009 1.76 (30 minutes on Fatburn)
1/31/2009 1.66 (30 minutes on Cardio)

January total: 17.34 miles

2/4/2009 1.67 (30 minutes on Strength)
2/7/2009 1.83 (30 minutes on Interval)
2/10/2009 2.18 (30 minutes on Manual)
2/16/2009 1.85 (30 minutes on Hill)
2/18/2009 1.72 (30 minutes on Fatburn)
2/20/2009 1.69 (30 minutes on Cardio)
2/25/2009 1.67 (30 minutes on Strength)

February total: 12.61 miles

3/2/2009 1.84 (30 minutes on Interval)
3/6/2009 3.06 (45* minutes on Manual)
3/9/2009 2.18 (30 minutes on Manual)
3/13/2009 1.87 (30 minutes on Hill)
3/16/2009 1.78 (30 minutes on Fatburn)
3/18/2009 1.64 (30 minutes on Cardio)
3/20/2009 1.67 (30 minutes on Strength)
3/23/2009 3.17 (45* minutes on Manual)
3/25/2009 1.83 (30 minutes on Interval)
3/30/2009 2.21 (30 minutes on Manual)

March total: 21.25 miles

I’d like to be breaking 5 miles a week, but roughly, it looks like I’ve only managed that in March by adding in a few extra 45-minute sessions.

Since I switch focus every two months on my workouts, it’s not likely that I’ll be hitting 20 miles this month, since I’m going to do a lot of strength training for the next two months. I expect that tracking my progress with weights will be less exact than with my cardio; I just don’t have the patience to write down in what I did in between sets. The best I’ll say is that I’m starting at 5 lb free weights for everything, and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to do all my sets with 8 lbs by the end of May.

Stay tuned for my review of my 101 things list (aka ‘Last Year’s Internet Resolution Meme’).

Sole Elliptical

Sole Elliptical


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