Tea Time

My tea cup and V's cup

Our Cups

I’m a big tea drinker. I have at least one cup every morning. V and I have been enjoying tea together for a while now. It’s progressed from giving her tiny sips using her little plastic feeding spoon, to sips from my teacup, and around 20 months she started using her own tiny teacup. She spills occasionally but usually likes it so much that she prefers to finish it instead of throwing it around, which is usually what happens when we try an open cup with milk, water or juice.

I taught her to ‘sip’ and then say exhale and say ‘ahhh’ when she was younger, like it’s the most satisfying thing in the world to have a sip of tea. Actually, when she was very young, there wasn’t much I liked more than having a sip of tea that was actually hot (although a shower counted for a lot too in those days!).

She can identify green or black tea by whether or not there is milk in the cup. We also started ‘clink and drink’; a way of toasting the morning.

It’s quite the morning ritual for us now. I’m reading The Book of New Family Traditions by Meg Cox right now to help find some rituals and celebrations for us as a family. More on that later. I don’t know that without reading this book that I’d have considered our morning tea to be such a ritual, but really it is.

I hope V and I continue our morning tea ritual for a long time to come.


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