Dear V: Month 19

Dear V,

This month you have been ex-utero for 19 months. This is the month that you learned to talk (finally) and you revealed that you have, in fact, been saving up all the important things that we’ve been telling you since you were 2 days old. Things like colors, and names, and oh, the whole alphabet. I remember going over and over the border in your nursery and showing you all the letters. Well, I guess that’s paid off in spades now.

You are much, much happier than you were when you were little. You are fighting your last afternoon nap just a bit, sometimes skipping a day or two, and then making up for it with a massive 3 hour nap that ruins your bedtime.

You like to drink tea in the morning with me, and you say ‘tea’, ‘sip’, and ‘ahhhh’ after you’ve had some. Also, ‘pease’ and the sign for please, most emphatically, get added when I don’t have the next spoonful ready fast enough.

We are surviving the cold winter here with trips to the library and rotating toys in and our of the play room, so that they are new to you all over again.

You are getting so very tall. I guess you are still a peanut by comparison to other kids your age, but to your Dad and I you seem to be growing so fast. Your feet dangle down to my thighs when I hold you now, and you are stronger every day, your arms wrap around me and squeeze so tight now when I ask for a hug.

You get crazy after dinner sometimes now; getting a burst of energy after eating, or not, and you like to run back and forth along the path from the office to the mudroom, often screaming ‘Fast!’ and then mumbling ‘Slow!’ as you go. You seem to think that fast and slow have as much to do with volume and excitement level as they do with speed.

It is an amazing time watching you learn how to use words and run around.


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