Dear V: 22 Months

I can hardly believe that you are almost 2 years old. You have made crazy strides these last months in your verbal skills and are finally getting it together in the ‘grace and poise’ department. Meaning, you are no longer willing to launch yourself head-first off the couch or down the stairs, but instead reach with your toes until you are close to the floor before hopping off whatever piece of furniture you are on.

You have gone from saying one word at a time, to, well, saying one word at a time, but putting a whole bunch of words together…slowly. Your longest sentence so far is “Roxie. Roo. Fat. Dog. Sleeping. Green. Beddie.”

We had your first Easter egg hunt at the house this year, and even a month later, you are still interested in your ‘Eater Eggs’, hiding things in them, and opening them up and yelling “a ‘prize!” (surprise).

Other obsessions include dinosaurs, first you said ‘saurus’ and then ‘dinos.’ Your favorite puzzle is the giant dinosaur puzzle we picked up at a yard sale. You announce, “Dump it?” (and let’s be clear, though phrased as a question, it’s not really a request, but a demand.) at least six times a day. As long as I put the edges and corners in, you are ridiculously good at doing it yourself, and it’s a 48 piece puzzle, no small feat for being under 2 years old. You are also interested in naming all of them. Fortunately, it has a key on the back that tells us what each one is. Hearing you say ‘See-La-Fie-Sys’ and ‘tops’ (for Triceratops) is so cute.

This month we also had baby rabbits under the front steps, and you thought they were fascinating. Although you insisted on calling them ‘rabbits’ and not bunnies. They were definitely not bunnies; you were quite adamant about that. Your favorite comment about them was, ‘Awww…dey toot!’ (toot = cute).

You are completely finished with naps unless we have a really busy day, and then you usually wait until 5pm or so. Most of the time, you are sleeping through the night, finally.

We started putting your hair into a tiny ponytail on the top of your head, at first to be funny, but you liked your ‘tail’ so much that you started requesting one. You grab onto it, shake it, and say “Waggy waggy waggy!”

You are so much fun right now; 22 months is a great age to be!



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