The Daily Bean: 6-12-2009

This was a hot item for a while. Jeremy’s Gram gave it to her for Easter. We told her it was a ‘kitty purse.’ She calls it the ‘Titty puss.’
Personally, I think it’s kind of weird to stow your stuff in the back of an animal. Also, I think its expression is rather grumpy.



  1. Claudia said

    LOL, that’s cute. I actually think its expression is pretty much what Persian faces are really like. They always have this air of grumpiness.

  2. Meredith said

    Read your comment on This Young House’s latest giveaway, and wanted to say I SO agree: home furnishings are almost never what you want if you haven’t asked for them! Like my MIL getting me useless country-looking knick-knacks, like a Boyd’s Bear that says “Home is where your teddy bear is.” Uh, no. Those gourd-head dolls sound pretty weird!!

    Of course I made the mistake of telling MIL that I had one other boyd’s bear someone had gotten me when I graduated High School, and she said “Oh that’s nice, you can start a collection!” Luckily it’s been a year and I haven’t had any other boyd’s bear gifts. *whew*

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