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The Daily Bean: 6-12-2009

This was a hot item for a while. Jeremy’s Gram gave it to her for Easter. We told her it was a ‘kitty purse.’ She calls it the ‘Titty puss.’
Personally, I think it’s kind of weird to stow your stuff in the back of an animal. Also, I think its expression is rather grumpy.


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The Daily Bean: 06-11-2009

This morning when V woke up, she brushed her tangled hair out of her face, and announced “V’s hair all crooked.”

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The Daily Bean: 6-03-2009

Last night while J was putting V to bed, she was telling him about our day. And then she sat in his lap, and said, “Happy. Sitting. Daddy. Talking.”

…And Daddy cried a little.

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The Daily Bean: 5-23-2009

Lately V has been around when I’m getting dressed in the morning. We had to discuss what a bra was because she doesn’t wear one. Explaining and talking about panties is a big deal too right now. But today’s comment was about bras and what they are for. V explained to me that “mommy needs bra. pockets for boobies.”!

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The Daily Bean: 5-22-2009

We call it ‘being nudie’ when the bean has no clothes on. So, V took the cushion off of the kitchen chair, and then told us that it was ‘nudie’, which was funny enough. Then she put the cushion back on the chair and said, “needs it. warm.”

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The Daily Bean: 5-21-2009

Today the bean was at Grandy’s house and she got to play with water in bowls and cups outside. When she was done, she spontaneously announced that that was a “Great game.”

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V’s Quote of the Day 05-21-2009

V is at that age where she says some funny funny things, and I want to capture them. So, I’m going to have a daily quote from her.

Today, we were talking about things that we could hear outside.

“Birdies?” “Yes, birdies. What do the birdies say?” “Tweet tweet!!”

“Doggies?” “Yes, doggies. What do they say?” “Woof woof!”

“Shh..listen. Outside.” “Hear bunny rabbits.” “Oh, really? What do the rabbits sound like?” “Hop Hop Hop!”

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