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It’s a Tea Mystery

DSC02427I’ve mentioned before that I like to drink tea. I’ve been finishing up some teas that aren’t my favorites to make room for my new tea, but as I was ‘spring cleaning’ in my tea cabinet, I came across a loose tea in a Republic of Tea canister that wasn’t the tea that the label said it was. There wasn’t much left in it, and when I tasted it, I knew why. It was good. Really good. So good in fact, that now it’s gone! And I don’t know what it was. It was definitely not straight-up black tea, but I’m not sure if it was yerba maté, or rooibos, or what. It was a bit chocolate-y, and spicy, and nutty and earthy.
Tea Close-up #2

Here are two different pictures of it, close-up. Can anyone help me with it?


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